I got a call yesterday from a friend of mine who ended a 10 year relationship a few months ago, but she was having trouble “getting past him” and “moving on” to something new. She ended the relationship due to her partner’s repeated infidelity, but there was that little part of her that missed the good things she really liked about him. They would be going to the same club this summer and she didn’t know how she’d react to seeing him with another woman. She called me and asked if hypnosis could help her. The answer, is a resounding YES! Hypnosis can heal broken hearts. After a thorough interview, I find out how the person would like to react when they see their former partner and we start to work from there. What would they rather do with their time then think about what “was?” She asked me if I would hypnotize her to forget him. The answer is “I can, but I won’t” because I don’t want to cause someone to make the same “mistake” all over again. I’d rather heal the broken soul and then find out why she was attracted to a repeater cheater. Once you’re aware of the pattern, only then can you set to break it. One of the other things I do as a hypnotist, is create anchors and triggers encourage desired behaviors. Just as I can hypnotize someone to create an anchor and a trigger, I can also use hypnosis to break an anchor or a trigger. For example, I had a bracelet a lover gave me. When the relationship was over, I could not longer wear the bracelet because the attachment to him was so strong it made me sad to look at the bracelet, even though it was pretty. A hypnotist friend of mine helped me un-achor the bracelet to the former lover and now I can wear the bracelet because it’s pretty. The memory of the lover is as distant to me now as a fairy-tale I learned in elementary school…even though my last interaction with him was only 4 years ago, If you have a former lover you need to get over, call Wings Hypnosis at (727) 238-5055 for a consultation, and we’ll get you set up with a fresh new perspective on life and love.