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Doug Crenshaw

Doug Crenshaw

Certified Hypnotist

Hypnosis helped me to break the habit of smoking a pack a day for 32 years. Now, through Hypnosis, I am able to help other people quit smoking as well, just like I was able to. After many years of working with the general public, I am able to adapt my approach to inspire and empower my clients to achieve their goals. Whether you want to quit smoking or want to cut 2 to 3 strokes off their golf game, I am confident that Hypnosis can help.

That’s why I do what I do.


Doug was born in Wiesbaden, Germany but grew up in Memphis, TN. After studying Hotel and Hospitality Management at the University of Memphis he went on to work at a five star hotel in Memphis to start his management career. After opening a new hotel in the Orlando area, Doug started his move to work for Walt Disney World where he worked for the next 25 years in the Food & Beverage areas for the Parks and Resorts. After “retiring” from Walt Disney World he went to Santa Barbara, CA and Las Vegas, NV, and he gained valuable knowledge about different people and places. But he was still seraching. And only after he returned to Florida did he find a new love of his life and a new passionate career trajectory.


  • Virginia Hypnosis
  • Certified Hypnotist

Areas of Expertise

  • Quit Smoking Cessation
  • Maintain Your Focus to Help Your Golf Game

10 Fun Facts about Doug

  1. Doug is an avid golfer and has a 10 handicap.
  2. Doug appeared on Wheel of Fortune in March 2009.  He won $3900 for solving “MOMENT OF TIME.”
  3. Doug’s longest term friendship is 40 years! That is longer than 2 marriages and any other relationships combined…
  4. Doug not only can flip bottles like a “Flair Bartender,” but he use to teach it to others.
  5. Doug has done a lot of traveling and now travels with his girlfriend and his good friend Gerry A T-Rex… “Geriatrics” if you say his name fast enough!!!  You can follow Gerry’s adventures here:
  6. Doug loves to light up the sky with Christmas Lights. There can never be too many lights to decorate a house and it must be synchronized to music. He has come a long way from helping his dad decorate for the holidays!
  7. Doug likes things out of the ordinary and use to do “Coin Toss” trips in the early years where a road map was used to navigate. He now enjoys using the “Roadside America” app on his phone to find new and out of the ordinary places to visit.
  8. Doug was on the radio for the first time ever doing a talk show in Cleveland… which by the way was his first time to Cleveland!
  9. Doug loves to cook and try new recipes. Since he grew up in the South, anything with bacon grease in it or served from the grill is his forte, but baking is just not in the cards. He would rather do his own seasoning mix than to go by someone else’s recipe!
  10. Since Doug has a girlfriend that is on a quest to visit all 50 states… he’s on board to do so as well!!! Only 11 more states to go… Hawaii, Alaska, Maine, North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington… Notice all of them are in colder climates with exception to Hawaii…