According to The Florida Institute of Hypnosis, HYPNOSIS is a natural, yet altered state where communication and responsiveness with the subconscious mind is present. HYPNOTHERAPY is the use of therapeutic techniques or principles in conjunction with hypnosis, treatment utilizing hypnosis.

To further explain the difference between the two, let me use this example:

I have a client who is deathly afraid of needles, but really wants to get a tattoo.

After a quick interview, I determine whether or not the client needs HYPNOSIS or HYPNOTHERAPY. If the client just wants a tattoo and has no “needle related” trauma, I would do HYPNOSIS, which would include creating suggestions with the client to make his/her next visit to the tattoo artist more pleasant.

Suggestions might include the following:

  • When I am getting my tattoo, I feel relaxed and calm. 
  • I image others admiring my tattoo when I’m done. 
  • I lovingly welcome this ink into my body.

These are calming suggestions, and will often take care of the problem.

When there’s a deep rooted fear or memory that is triggering the client to respond negatively to needles, then HYPNOTHERAPY is often the best way to go.

Perhaps the client had a vaccination that went bad, or pricked her finger while learning how to sew and her mother scolded her for not being more careful.  Perhaps she was assaulted in a past life and held down while someone did awful things to her, and having a body part held down by a tattoo artist is triggering these fears.

With hypnotherapy, we go back into the client’s memories and find the cause of the trigger, and work together to heal it.

We call this “childhood regression” or “past life regression.”  In most cases, the client isn’t even aware of the memory triggering the undesired response.  I ensure the client is very relaxed and in a deep trance before going back to the memories triggering the reaction.  He/she will not experience any more pain than he/she is willing to feel, and we work together to heal whatever the memory is.

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